PREPA expects full energy restoration by noon; governor suggests firing subcontractor responsible for outage

19 April 2018

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) has re-established 70% of Puerto Rico's energy grid generation capacity and expects full restoration by noon today after yesterday’s (18 April) general blackout, El Nuevo Dia reported.
The paper cited PREPA's interim executive director, Justo González Torres, as telling radio station WKAQ 580 this morning that the utility is thus far servicing nearly 1 million of its subscribers and believes that the electricity service will be to normal today.
Meanwhile, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello suggested PREPA’s management dismiss the Cobra subcontractor who damaged the line that caused the island-wide power outage, according to a statement issued yesterday. 
Rossello's full 18 April statement follows:
"Today, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) informed that a Cobra subcontractor damaged line 50700 while removing a collapsed tower with an excavator, causing a general power outage on the island.
"I have suggested to the PREPA Board of Directors that they cancel the contract with the Cobra subcontractor who is directly responsible for this power outage. This is the second power failure that has affected the people of Puerto Rico in less than a week. 
“This incident denotes the need to transform PREPA into a cutting-edge, modern and robust corporation. Microgrids are the only system currently providing energy to the people of Puerto Rico. This is another example of why Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure needs to incorporate new forms of power.
“I am committed to push for and enact trailblazing reforms that will ensure the transformation of our energy sector and give our people a state-of-the-art electric power system as we rebuild a stronger, more resilient Puerto Rico."
Link to original source (El Nuevo Dia | translated)