Forum on China Debt Restructure and Market-oriented Debt-to-Equity Swap

15 June 2018

In order to turn around the distressed enterprises from debt crisis and discuss how to participate in market-oriented debt-to-equity business to solve such important subjects as currently extra-high corporate leverage ratio, etc., Total Finance and experts of authoritative industry organizations, frontier research, and market practices jointly sponsored the seminar on practices in debt restructuring and market-oriented debt-to-equity swap. Hereby, experts, scholars and practical personnel in the industry are sincerely invited to jointly discuss a path to help out the distressed enterprises. Click here to know more.
Core topics include:
  • The opportunities and challenges of China's reorganization of creditor's rights in 2018
  • Investment opportunities and difficulties for private equity to participate in the debt reorganization of distressed enterprises
  • Analysis of the pricing mechanism and withdrawal channels of distressed enterprises
  • Vitalizing distressed enterprises through "debt reorganization + debt-to-equity swap"
  • Cutting-edge thinking on the market-oriented debt-to-equity swap under the new regulations on assets management