Digital disruption in the middle market

10 April 2017

Mergermarket is pleased to present Asia Pacific Business Complexities Survey 2017, published in association with Baker McKenzie.  57% of business leaders across the Asia Pacific region see the business environment in which they operate becoming increasingly complex. Successfully plotting a way through today’s volatile business environment demands more resilience and ingenuity than ever before. New challenges arise as soon as old ones have subsided, and the ever changing nature of competition means companies must maintain a consistent, innovative edge. But what are the shared complexities that are ratcheting up the pressure on executives in Asia Pacific? Our survey of 150 senior business leaders from across the region seeks to answer several key questions around business complexity, while drawing out specific industry themes. Along with macroeconomic and geopolitical trends, survey respondents identified the need to innovate via new technology (66%), cost pressures or shrinking margins (64%), disruption via technology (62%), as well as compliance or adapting to new or changing regulations (62%) as the top challenges/complexities on the minds of key decision makers across corporate Asia.

Key findings include:

  • Addressing key complexities: According to 76% of respondents, significant time and resources will be dedicated to focusing on regulatory change, followed by optimizing tax structures (67%) and business systems innovation (67%).
  • Geopolitical turbulence: 79% of respondents said the potential collapse of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would impact their company’s growth prospects, including a third of businesses predicting significant fallout.
  • Technological disruption: 52% said technological disruption in the financial institutions sector would be very likely in the next two years, along with 45% who said such disruption is likely.
  • Spotlight on sectors: Energy, mining and infrastructure and healthcare companies mainly face compliance/regulatory and environmental issues, ITC and financial institutions face innovation and cybersecurity complexities, and cost pressures created the most challenges in the consumer goods and manufacturing sectors.

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