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With insight into North American high-yield bond and leveraged loan markets, Debtwire covers capital raises, ongoing restructurings and post-restructuring situations.


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Our team of experienced financial journalists and analysts identify universes of “stressed,” “distressed,” Chapter 11 and “post-restructuring” companies and projects consisting of large liquid credits, as well as below-the-radar middle market deals.

We then provide actionable intelligence for readers on the latest advisory engagements, liability management strategies, CDS changes, operational performance and inter-creditor negotiations.

Complementing this coverage, Debtwire has a comprehensive restructuring deals database dating back to 2005 that tracks restructurings with at least USD 150m in debt.

The addition of committee information, advisors, and debt histories provide a real-time overview of live restructuring situations and new business opportunities.


Debtwire Middle Market provides actionable intelligence on high-yield/unrated, stressed, distressed and bankrupt companies in the U.S. and Canada with funded debt of USD 150m or less.

This universe presently comprises more than 110 companies across most sectors, including retail, media, oil & gas and transportation, and it is divided among both public and private businesses. Debtwire Middle Market offers real-time updates on capital raises, ongoing restructurings and post-restructuring situations.


Searching court websites for bankruptcy cases can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why we’ve introduced Debtwire Dockets, a quick way to find, filter and focus in on the key documents in cases that matter to you.

Debtwire Dockets tracks hundreds of cases across all US bankruptcy courts, so you can get the latest updates on the distressed names you want to follow – straight to your inbox.

The application pulls court filings directly from PACER, creating a powerful new tool for following market-moving court filings in every major corporate and municipal bankruptcy. With custom case lists and email alerts, you can make sure you never miss a key filing. More info here.

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