Who We Are

Part of the Acuris family, Debtwire provides high value news, data and analysis on debt markets worldwide. We are the only intelligence service that reports and researches on debt situations before they break in the market. Our solutions span real time news, in-depth credit analysis, data, covenant research, specialist coverage of structured finance and municipal bond markets.

We help firms prosper in debt markets

Debtwire’s journalists, data and credit analysts, and covenant lawyers do something unique: they identify, analyse and report on complex debt situations to give our subscribers a powerful advantage.​​​​​​​



Trusted Intelligence

Using reliable, well-informed industry contacts, our journalists analyse the high-yield bond, distressed debt, leveraged loan and restructuring markets then deliver unique insights to our subscribers. We also aggregate relevant stories from other publications so you’re up to date before the market opens.

Timely Analysis

We offer independent, in-depth credit analysis focused on companies that may breach covenants, face liquidity issues, or may need financial or operational restructuring. It’s the clarity you need to identify and analyse key opportunities.

Tailored research from our partner service Xtract Research

Analysing bond covenants is a specialised, time-consuming yet essential task. With Xtract Research, partner-level finance lawyers do the hard work for you, helping traders, analysts and portfolio managers to quickly understand the covenant package and potential issues.

Stay ahead of the market and find new opportunities first

  • ​​Get real-time news on your mobile or email
  • Find out which issuers are set to bring new loan or bond deals to market
  • Spot opportunities in stressed, distressed, restructuring situations 
  • Stay up to date on legal trends and court hearings. 

In depth knowledge into individual situations and credit trends 

  • ​​​​​​​Quickly grasp the details of a market moving situation with our credit analysis and other analytical tools
  • Track and identify trends in leveraged finance with our database
  • Get insight into specific sectors and or markets with our credit trend reports 
  • Use legal and financial information to get the full story and indentify the players involved

Understand bond and loan covenants 

  • Access sophisticated covenant analysis
  • Save valuable time through being able to compare covenants and quickly find precedent language
  • Our lawyers examine credit agreements to help you understand investment risks