By using Debtwire you
can gain insight as to
whether a company is:
  • Going to default on payment
  • Restructuring
  • Entering stressed or distressed debt situations
  • Entering bankruptcy
  • Breaching covenants
  • Issuing in the primary market

Find opportunity and insight

From the earliest scoop to the most in-depth research, Mergermarket’s Fixed Income solutions deliver the essential insights that help you prosper in leveraged finance.

Advisors, consultants, asset managers and trading professionals around the world rely on our services to refine their decision- making and gain a crucial competitive advantage.

  • Find distressed situations early, before ratings are downgraded
  • Discover opportunities for restructuring, financing and advisory opportunities ahead of competitors
  • Identify companies with potential value opportunities
  • Pitch for business before loans and bonds mature


  • Get the full story on restructurings and the players involved
  • Make decisions with the confidence they’re based on independent, impartial research
  • Explore opportunities to acquire assets or convert debt to equity
  • Understand whether bond covenants work in your favour

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