Debtwire reports on corporate debt situations before credit ratings are changed.  Offering unique insights, credit analysis, debt data, and analytics for distressed debt and leveraged finance markets.

  • Find distressed situations early
  • Discover restructuring, financing and advisory opportunities first
  • Identify companies with value opportunities 

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Xtract Research (shortly to be rebranded to Debtwire Covenant Research) analyzes covenants for high yield and convertible bonds as well as syndicated bank loans. It helps traders, analysts and portfolio managers understand issues and opportunities.
  • Identify off-market items, loopholes and other material terms
  • Compare covenants across issuers and industries
  • Understand key terms quickly and easily

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Creditflux (shortly to rebranded to Debtwire Funds) is the leading information source worldwide for the rapidly evolving market for credit funds and CLOs. It is the source of choice for many investors, dealers, brokers, analysts and service providers.
  • Follow the fast-moving credit derivative markets with daily online news and a monthly newsletter
  • Access credit data back to 2001
  • Exchange views with other subscribers

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